WTF are you talking about?


The present book is the final outcome of a two-month experiment on the most powerful and influencing social media platform in the internet, Facebook.

How do we write and comment in a social networking medium? What are the qualities of these short fragments of text and is the statement they make changing when they migrate from an internet platform to a classical book format? How much power does the book as a medium exercise and to what extent is its design influencing its content? Thus McLuhan’s dictum »The Medium is the Message« became the central question of our Bachelor project.

The two month experiment consisted of the staging of a fictitious magazine called »WTF-Magazine« on Facebook (, followed by the call for an interactive involvement of the »WTF-Magazine« members on Facebook in the pieces supposedly to be published in the magazine, and by the gathering of the comments posted on the Facebook page and their transfer to the artifact book form.

Site: 14 cm × 25 cm (5.5 inch × 9.8 inches),
136 pages, 2-coloured.

Book design: Sascha Fronczek, Sven Lindhorst-Emme

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